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ICE 3 Train | work in progress

My work in progress about an intercity-express (ICE) train which am working on for Software-Service John.
The exterior model and the rig is done and I made some animation tests. Next I will make the train interior.

Modelled, rigged and animated in
Blender 2.79b.

ICE 3 (WIP-7) Train-Rig Done.

The rig is done and here is a little test track with some viewpoints.

ICE 3 (WIP-6) Train-Rig with Wagons.
A test with rigged wagons.

ICE 3 (WIP-5) Testing The Train-Rig.
Testing my train-rig with an animation on an unrealistic curve
(the curve is a bit to sharp, train would crash in real life).

I'm not 100% happy with the rig but so far it works well.

ICE 3 (WIP-4)

Ice 3 (Wip-3)

ICE 3 (WIP-2)

ICE 3 (WIP-1)

Intercity Express Underground Test Drive

ICE test on a digital terrain model from Erfurt

ICE on a digital terrain model | Test 2